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What I've learned

What I’ve learned from:
Rick – I can’t fix everything or everyone
Rick – There really is someone out there who can and will love you, demanding nothing and wanting nothing in return.
Candie – Love doesn’t come through blood
Kayla – Never judge anyone or anything only by appearance. There is way more than what appears.
Kerrie – No matter the hurt, you can always give love.
My mom – Do what is right.
My dad – Respect a good job, and a good job is one that you have.
My parents – When you’re striped down to nothing at all, no clothes, nothing, you could still have one thing of great value, your WORD. No one can take that away, but yet you can throw it away or even damage it or ruin it.
My sister Pam – Life is too short to worry about the small stuff. Get up and get with it.
My brother Dennis – When you can, lend a hand.
****** – You can’t know a person until you’re behind closed doors with them.
Debbie Willis – A true friend is a true friend.
Bro. Hill – A scar is proof that you’ve been wounded and healed. Now use it to show others, they can make it through.

Rebeccah Hill – Love is unconditional.
Big John – God is the only true judge.

Coach Martin – When it seemed no one believed in me, he believed in me and fought for ME.
Kevin Powell – No matter what, no kid should ever grow up without a parent. Divorce is better than the other option.
Nancy Best – 1. No matter what, you will never be alone 2. When you think no one cares, someone does.
Nancy Best – Everything you’ve learned about love and people, throw it away and learn from the heart.
Tom Kelly – You have the right to dream.
Dr. Burnett – You have the right to say NO and expect to be respected.
Joan Snyder (Jes) – Never give up.
Mrs. Foster (7th grade math teacher) – You’re smart.
Mrs. Springer (Jr. High track coach) – You CAN do it!
*** ***** – It’s not always as simple as it seems.
My old church – God is the ultimate example of parenting, and He would never turn his back on one of his kids when they mess up. I won’t either.
Candie – In teaching her I learned my own lesson, Tomorrow is a New Day!
Life – God is love and Love is God, stop hurting one another.

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